The passion that drives the brand.

What is SORA Products most passionate about and why does social justice matter?

At SORA Products we are passionate about women, faith and business. When we think of social justice we think about giving opportunity to the marginalized and protecting the vulnerable through job creation, fair wage for a day’s work, safe working conditions, and products that do not harm our environment. We acknowledge that there is a sanctity in work. We have learned that when we provide jobs for those who have been discriminated against due to race, religion, or socio-economic status, that the systemic cycle of poverty is broken and dignity is born in the woman who is creating our products.

How does poverty affect social justice?

Poverty is a huge aspect of social justice and provides a challenge for those of us working to make a positive impact in the reversal of generational poverty and social injustice. When someone is not given a fair wage for a fair days work because of their religion, race, or sex then poverty can become a social justice issue.

Jesus said there will always be the poor among us but He also said to care for them and treat them fairly as we are given opportunity to do so.”

Why did SORA Products want to help in the Philippines?

When we met a group of artisans that were weaving fashion accessories out of upcycled packaging, they expressed how limited their market was in their local community and how they were going to need to give up their wallet weaving because they were not able to make a living wage. We learned that it takes 8-10 hours to make a large bag and they were not able to sell their products for more than US$2.

When we heard they didn’t have a sustainable market we were compelled to bring their products to the international marketplace to give them a fair wage for their craft.

The level of poverty that we witnessed on that initial trip was daunting. We learned that over 15 million people in the Philippines were living on less than $1.50 a day. These weavers were among this statistic and now in meeting them they became more than a statistic, they became friends. They were women who were trying to put food on the table for their families, Some were married and trying to supplement their husband’s meager income, Some were single and trying to provide for themselves and their children. Some were high school and college students trying to stay in school by weaving wallets to pay for their school expenses.

All the women we met had a desire to know God, love their family, and work to make a living. All of them had lived among poverty for generations and dreamed of breaking that cycle by sending their kids to college someday.

“We caught this vision that was expressed to us by the weavers and the workers that work among them in the impoverished communities on that trip in 2015 and that led us to start the small Fair Trade brand, SORA Products.”  

When we partner together with like-minded brands around the world in the mission to reverse generational poverty, we are able to make a strong global impact for good!  To share your thoughts on the topics of social justice, livelihood and global partnerships like SORA Products, or inquire on how you can partner with us please drop us a note at sorawallets@gmail.com