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My name is Amy Zawislak-Mattes and I am the Co-founder of SORA Products. There are so many things happening in today’s world, so I wanted to create a space to talk about Fair Trade, Sustainability and Human Dignity. Let’s build a community of dream-builders that will bring about greater planet awareness, hope for a fairer world, and a dignified wage for all.

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Fair Trade
Human Dignity


Does knowing the source of our purchases really matter?

Can our purchase choices really make a difference? When we started to partner with the artisan communities in the Philippines, our main focus was providing a fair wage for a day's work. Like most consumers, up to this point, I was removed from the making of the...

Why does social justice matter?

The passion that drives the brand. What is SORA Products most passionate about and why does social justice matter? At SORA Products we are passionate about women, faith and business. When we think of social justice we think about giving opportunity to the marginalized...

Sustainability: How to care for our planet and people too!

How to care for our planet and people too! Sustainability has been a hot topic the past several years as we become aware of how our purchases and lifestyle choices impact us, our neighbor, and the world we call home. With sustainability, we talk about meeting the...