Our SORA Weavers
People & Purpose


“Greetings, I am a wife and mother of three small children. Similar to other Filipino women, I attended some college, but I discontinued once I married. SORA has helped my husband and I pay house bills and purchase food. We are very grateful for this opportunity.”


I am a wife and mother of three. My husband and I have been working hard to pay for our living expenses, especially since he has had no work during the pandemic. So my SORA income has helped us a great deal. Before the pandemic, I used this income to pay rent for our home.”


“Hi, as a wife and mother of five, my work with SORA supplements my small sari-sari store and my husband’s tricycle driving. We are currently saving for our children’s schooling. With SORA, there are so many more opportunities that have become a part of my life. “