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Our Weavers
People & Purpose


“I am 41 years old, married with six children.  I have been weaving wallets for four years. My husband and children help me weave wallets to help provide for school supplies and daily expenses. I am now saving money through the incentives from the SORA Products partnership.”


“I am married with three children.  My husband was shot by violence in our community. He is now okay but still needs medicine. With my wallet making I am able to provide for our daily needs and also provide for my husband’s medication. Thank you so much for your support.”


“I am married with two grown children. I run a sari-sari convenience store in my community.  I weave straw bags and wallets to supplement  income from the store. I have learned perseverance through working hard to learn wallet & bag weaving. I want to thank you for your help.”