Using Local Resources to Transform Lives.
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About Us

We are empowering talented women by providing markets for their hand woven products so they can live on sustainable income for their families and experience holistic transformation. 60% of our profits go back to the Philippines and our artisan communities. Visit the SORA Products shop to help us keep our artisans weaving! 


Our Weavers
People & Purpose


“I am married with two children. As a local partner of SORA Products in the community in the South, I weave products out of recycled materials.  I coordinate weekly weaving activities, mentoring, & distributing the income to each weaver. Thank you for helping us to continue.”


“I am married with five children.  My former husband left in January of 2017 & my wallet making gave me enough money to provide for daily living expenses. I am so thankful for the partnership with SORA Products. I able to put running water into my apartment. I am so grateful.”


Hi, I am a single woman who lives with my younger sister. My work with SORA helped meet my family’s need when my mother was sick. I am thankful for the opportunity to make wallets and purses. In my free time, I enjoy vegetable gardening.